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Concepts and emotions that can’t be explained by words can be explored and understood visually- with painting I explore visual perception, both conscious and unconscious. We see the world in a series of quick snapshots, which our brain sews together and colours with memory and emotion. The visual landscape that we inhabit is thus objective and subjective at the same time, with all of the contradictions that this implies. For this reason I work with elements of both photography and painting, spending time with each image, seeking to understand it in an intuitive and tactile way as I work into and onto it.

Everyday life is haunted by the fragments of dreams and the subconscious hints of alternate realities. I’ve lived entire lifetimes in other universes in the course of a night’s sleep- the memory slips away quickly as the waking world takes over, but what traces has it left?

Please contact me for sales of paintings or prints, or to arrange a commission.

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Saatchi online

I am a member of the Espacio Gallery Collective.

One response to “welcome in

  1. Eleanor, Lookin good , Lady!! I love your new work!!! Sending love and admiration from afar, Mandy

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