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Purple Transformation




Private collection, Edinburgh

Acrylic and Oil on canvas

82cm x 51cm (Diptych- each painting is 41 x 51 cm)

The Shambala series is about the dangers of black and white thinking, contrasting mirror images of festival scenes. One side is purely black and white, and the other side is in full colour. Different perspectives give us different ways to see the world, but some of them don’t give us the full picture- black and white thinking can lose much of the truth. Mirror images are my metaphors for alternate realities, possibilities, or parallel universes.

Let Them Eat Hash Brownies


Diptych, 82cm x 51cm. (Each canvas is 41cm x 51cm.) Acrylic and oil on canvas.

Through the Looking Glass III


oil on canvas, 77cm x 55cm